Stephanie opened The Little Physio in 2019 with the intention of creating a practice that embodied her values of excellence in clinical care, empowering families and collaborative evidence based care.

With over 12 years of clinical experience in paediatric physiotherapy, Stephanie's practice follows the philosophy that therapy is most successful when treatment is specific to each individuals direct needs, whilst including the wider developmental picture.

Stephanie, PT graduated from University of Sydney with first class Honours. Stephanie quickly found her love for paediatric physiotherapy and has spent many years since developing an unparalleled set of clinical skills in this area.


The Little Physio
- Founder & Lead Paediatric Physiotherapist

Campbelltown Hospital
- Clinical Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapy

Sydney Children's Hospital
- Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist; Botox Clinic

St Mary's Hospital, London
- Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist; Musculoskeletal, Neonatal and Disability Services


  PhD (c) Early Intervention in infants and toddlers with Unilateral Cerebral Palsy, Medicine and Health, University of Sydney
Taylor, S.; Novak, I.; Jackman, M. Supporting Functional Goals in Spinal Muscular Atrophy: A Case Report of The Cognitive Orientation to Daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) Approach. Future 20242, 46-55.

Therapist Qualifications

 Bach of Appl Science (Physiotherapy) Honours 1st Class, University Of Sydney
 Australian Physiotherapy Association Paediatric Physiotherapy NSW Group Chair
 Titled Paediatric Physiotherapist, Member of the Australian College of Physiotherapists
 Development of the NSW Health Neonatal Baby App to support vulnerable children and families in neonatal intensive care and special care nursery 2021-2022
 Panelist in the Delphi Study on the ‘National Practice Guideline for supporting autistic children and their families.’ 2022
 Qualified General Movements Trained Scorer (for the early identification of cerebral palsy)
  Trained in the CO-OP Approach (Cognitive Orientation to Daily Occupational Therapy) for collaborative Goal                                            Setting
  Trained in 'Functional Hand Use'; Brian Hoares.
Constraint Induced Movement Therapy and Bimanual Therapy for children with Unilateral Cerebral Palsy.
 Mary Massery Trained
 Trained NSMDA (Neurosensory Motor Developmental Assessment) assessor
 FINE trained (Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education Program)
 Qualified Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination Assessor (for the early detection of neurological issues)
  Certificate of Appreciation to Student Education and Support; Western Sydney University