Feeling lost for what you should be doing with your new little one?

ย 2020 CLASSES
All face to face GROUP classes are currently on hold for 2020
All previous bookings will be rescheduled for 1:1 consults at the same price!
Enquire for group classes online to keep your engagement with other bubs and parents in the safety of your own home

These classes are to provide you with our best tips and tricks to empower you to help your little one thrive!

4 x 30 minute weekly classes

$30 per class
Max four bubs per class

Tummy Turtles

3-6 months old

For those children hoping to master the art of rolling and tummy time!

Sitting sea lions:

5-8 months old

For those children who have mastered the skill of rolling and are hoping to advance their sitting and tummy skills

ย Crawling Koalas:

7-12 months old

For those who have mastered the art of sitting and are looking to advance to crawling!

Walking Wallabies:

Dependent on demand