Occupational Therapy @ The Little Physio

Please carefully read the following information before filling in the "Occupational Therapy Request Form" below.ย 

We are very excited to be introducing occupational therapy services at The Little Physio. This provides a great opportunity for continuity of care and the provision of specialist occupational therapy services at The Little Physio.

Our Occupational Therapist (Jasse Jang) has a unique set of specialist skills that we are excited to offer at The Little Physio. These include;

Fine Motor Intervention

    • Ages 0-5 years
    • Teaching skills for your child to use their upper limbs for daily tasks

Cognitive assessments

      • Ages 0-5 years
      • This is a specialist assessment normally requested by your GP or another therapist

Assistive Technology

    • Ages 0-16 years
    • This involves assessing for and assisting in prescription of equipment such as; wheelchairs and seating equipment

Upper limb assessments

    • Ages 0-16 years
    • These are standardised upper limb assessments required to score your child's upper limb function

If your child requires Occupational Therapy assessment for one of the above specialist skills please fill in the "Occupational Therapy Referral form" below.

Please be mindful that we only have Occupational Therapy services every second Monday and we will do our best to respond to your referrals in a timely manner.

Occupational Therapy Request Form (Required)