Therapy in the comfort of your home

Let us guide you on how to use the toys and environment in your own home to help your child PLAY.MOVE.THRIVE

We know that targeted, task specific therapy makes the greatest change - so why not find out how to facilitate this in our own home via our ONLINE-CONSULTS!

All you need:

A suitable device that has a microphone and video accessibility - This can be a laptop, iPad, iPhone, tablet, or desktop computer with webcam capabilities.
Access to the internet.
A suitable space in your home for the consult - this will often involve space to be able to lie down and perform a number of exercises or access a variety of surfaces or toys depending on the age of your child.

We will send you all of the details prior to your appointment to make sure you feel comfortable and are ready to go!

Discounted rates:
  Private health rebates for Telehealth Appointments 
  Bulk billing for Chronic Disease Management Plans or EPC's

Enquire on our contact us form or book online today!